Nutrition Education

At the Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine, we teach you specific dietary and supplement strategies that can help balance your body’s chemistry and promote a high level of health and well-being.  Many health problems have their roots in body chemistry imbalances that contribute to inflammation, immune dysfunction, poor digestion, toxic accumulations, energy deficits, inability to repair tissues, poor sleep regulation, and other fundamental aspects of body functioning.  Every cell in your body requires the proper balance of nutrients to heal and function properly. If you are missing key nutrients, your body can’t protect itself from stress and disease, and you will have a much harder time healing and recovering from disease.   By using nutrition in a targeted way, you can continually coax your biochemistry in a health-promoting, disease-resistant direction. To this end, there are numerous nutritional and botanical tools to choose from, including specific supplements that can reinforce or even enhance the benefits of derived from diet and lifestyle changes.