Flu Notice 2013



As many of you have heard, this year is one of the worst for the flu in the United States and especially in North Carolina in many years.  Hundreds of people are showing in emergency rooms, urgent cares and their family physicians’ offices acutely ill, missing work and school and, worse yet, passing it around to other family members and friends.  We wanted everyone to know the best things they can do to both prevent the flu and effectively treat an acute infection with the goal being to both shorten and reduce the severity of the illness. 

Primary Prevention: The best prevention is the flu-vaccine and it is still not too late to do this.  Most important, however, is to use a preservative free vaccine that doesn’t contain any thimerosol (mercury-containing preservative) which shockingly is still being given to adults and children every day.  The Carolina Center has always been the leader in promoting mercury free vaccines and keeps a supply of single dose vaccines that are safe and effective.  This vaccine is available to the general public.  Please call our office to schedule this important vaccine as soon as possible. 

Secondary Prevention: Even with the flu vaccine, it is still very easy to catch other viral infections this time of year so the use of specific anti-viral and immune boosting formulas can greatly reduce the likelihood of catching the flu, colds or bacterial infections.  Our best recommendations are:

  • Lauricidin – This natural product derived from the waxy coating on the surface of certain leaves is a potent anti-viral and can both prevent the flu when taken on a daily basis (typically ½ to 1 scoop per day) or taken to treat an active infection using higher doses such as 1 scoop every 2-3 hours. 
  • Immucore – This specialty product combines an ultra-potent form of Vitamin C along with a powerful immune boosting mushroom blend and can strength the immune system to both prevent infection and help recover from an active infection more quickly. 
  • Wellness Formula – This herbal blend contains the classic immune booster Echinacea and Goldenseal along with other immune supportive products.  Taken for no longer than two weeks, this can greatly improve one’s ability to fight active infection at the first signs of illness. 

If you are sick now:  A landmark study in the 1980’s showed that the use if high dose intravenous Vitamin C, typically 50 grams which is far more than anyone could take orally, successfully eradicated the flu virus after just one to two infusions, shortening the length of illness by one half and putting people back to work far sooner than is typical.  If this treatment were provided on a wide scale basic, enormous savings in terms of work productively could be realized.  We strongly urge active Carolina Center patients who have been seen within the last twelve months to schedule this IV infusion which takes only one hour at the first sign of illness.  These infusions can also be done as a preventive measure especially it everyone in the family is sick and you think you may be next.